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Zuri Gonzalez

About me

Most people are surprised to learn I started my career as Medical Laboratory Scientist.
Computer Science came into my life later, after a free program that offered technology skills and exposure to the Tech Industry.
The exposure and information I was learning captivated me, as I was fascinated by Programming, Hardware, Technological advancements through tech, and the way it could benefit us young adults. Gaining new skills then applying them allows us to create a new idea, which may transform into a technology that is practical and useful in this rapid growing industry. This to me I felt was a great way to empower new generations along the way. It’s also the thing I can’t shut up about! I’m fortunate that I’ve had the opportunity to teach what I’ve learned and share my knowledge with others along my journey, for an entire year now. In the work environment at dev/Mission, my team and I set a positive support culture that allows the students to gain a understanding of “looking at the glass half full.” Supporting one another is something I feel we all value as a team, for we gave them the tools needed to be a team player, learn how important it is to network, and that you can solve more problems by perseverance and communication. Darion D. is a fine example of a young man who stuck with us even when he wanted to give in and quit. Another way in which we allowed them to experience a real support system was, by doing hands on activities with problem solving scenarios using tech that enabled them to think “Outside of the Box”. I had the privilege of instructing three different cohorts each with their owns backgrounds and life everyday struggles that came with them. With time we were able to give them a new perspective on interaction as well as inspired them to want to motivate others to close the gap of minorities in the tech industry.
“The chance to make a real difference is not an opportunity that everyone is given”-Emma Watson
So why not become someone that helps motivate, teach, inspire, and empower the untaped potential in young adults who are, or may not know they are passionate about technology? —that’s my favorite part of what I do.
My experiences have shaped who I am and I look forward to what is in store for the future. I am passionate with new and innovative tasks, having fun within my career and sharing different best practices to better the overall environment. This, teamed with my ability to learn quickly and adapt to new environments allows me succeed at any position within a company.

My Skill

Atom Editor CSS HTML JavaScript Hardware Salesforce Admin Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Microsoft PowerPoint Mac Hardware Photographer Google Suite

Volunteer Work

Salesforce University and Salesforce Incubator

Giving back with our CareerForce Cohort#1 partnering with ScholarMatch to learn about Salesforce and Salesforce Trailhead. (August 31st, 2017)

Outreach and Recruitment

Dev/Mission Outreach and Recruitment Team @ the The San Francisco Human Rights Commission College and Career Fair for High School Students and Transitional Age Youth (TAY) @ LinkedIn HQ in San Francisco. CA. (June 30th 2017).
And also @ TechSF Tech Expo College Track in Bayview (June 27th 2017).

Jamestown Community Summer Camp

Middle school is a perfect time to get students coding. Whether students are playing a simple logic-based game or writing scripts to create the next big app, there are different tools that are sure to get students thinking about what sort of language goes into the technology they use every day. See project Jamestown Community Summer Camp

Building a Computer Lab @ MEDA

Improving your school’s technology doesn’t necessarily mean updating it with the newest tech and gadgets. So we build a computer lab out of old donated computers. Once we determined the ideal arrangement of the computer lab, building the lab was just a matter of setting everything up. (January 2017)

Work Experience

APR - DEC 2017
IT Technician

Assisting with installation, configuration and ongoing Monitoring of system hardware and software.
Verifying functionality of hardware and software components.
Troubleshooting hardware and software issues in person.
Ultimately achieving our goal which is to maximize the benefit of the donations we receive.

APR - JUL 2017
Computer Science Intern

Dev/Mission was founded in early 2017 by Leonardo Sosa and a team of technologists that care about STEM opportunities for diverse young adults. Our goal is to connect the most overlooked population in San Francisco, Bay Area and beyond; and expose them to careers in the tech industry.

JAN - MAR 2017
Intern @ MEDA (Mission Techie)

Gaining experience in:

Numerous programming languages, hardware engineering
QA testing and professional development
Projects included building websites, building computers, IT Support simulations
Installation and set-up of computer systems and software (including network cabling) and maintenance services.

JAN - APR 2018
IT Instructor at Bay-view Hunters Point West

Primarily focusing on teaching young adults ages 16-24 hardware skills to prepare them for careers as IT specialist, tech support, support technician and to pursue a CompTIA Certification.

FEB - MAR 2018
Programming Instructor

Teaching John O'Connell High School Senior enrolled in the JVS WBL 2018 Program the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, Javascript to prepare them for carrers in technology.

FEB - MAY 2018
IT Instructor at Robert B Pitts

Primarily focusing on teaching young adults ages 16-24 hardware skills to prepare them for careers as IT specialist, tech support, support technician and to pursue a CompTIA Certification.

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